UK Chapter Research Update

posted 23 Sep 2016, 00:45 by Lee Newcombe   [ updated 3 Oct 2016, 03:11 ]

Cloud is no longer new.   It’s not been new for a few years now.  I spent the first few years of my time working in cloud security saying “next year will be the year of cloud”.   I’m not saying that any more.   If my client interactions are anywhere near indicative of the wider environment (and working for one of the Big 4, I’d like to think that they are!) then 2015 was the year of cloud.    I saw many clients, including previously reluctant multi-nationals and financial services organisations, moving live workloads to the cloud.   They’d been dabbling with test and development for a while but last year seemed to represent a step change in acceptance of the use of cloud for the hosting of live services.    So what does this have to do with research?   Well, lots of the guidance I see out there still seems to be fairly high level and theoretical rather than pragmatic and based on the harsh lessons that can come from building cloud services for real.   My aim as the current Director of Research for the UK Chapter is to shepherd the development of a set of documents that contain proven, useable guidance to help UK businesses adopt cloud safely.   Think genuine lessons learned and achievable solutions rather than exhortations to negotiate a Right of Audit to the data-centres of Amazon, Microsoft and Google…

We now have four different projects up and running.   The four active projects are:

·        Cloud Migration – led by Anish Mohammed

·        Cloud Integration – led by John Arnold

·        Guidance for Small Business – led by Andy Camp; and

·        Guidance for Public Sector Users - led by Owen Sayers.

We are actively seeking volunteers to help the project leaders to develop the content for their specific projects, particularly from those who have experience of delivering secure cloud services at the shop-floor.  Please, step forward and share your lessons learned; let’s move the guidance from theory to practice whilst raising your industry profile at the same time.   Everyone’s a winner!


If this is of interest then please drop me a line at my email address (lee.newcombe) and I’ll put you in touch with the relevant project leads.