AGM 2019

18 JUNE 2019

HSBC Meridian Room 

HSBC - 8 Canada Square 

London E14 5HQ


13:00 Introduction / Welcome & Logistics: CSA UK Chair/ Santander 

13:10 Chapter Overview:  CSA UK Chair 

13:20 Active Research & university Engagement:  Lewis Troke - CSA 

13:30 "Is the cloud Secure? Is easy if you do it right!":  Francesco Cipollone (NSC42/HSBC) 

14:00 "Hacking & other amusing activities":  Daniel Cutbert 

14:30 Past and Upcoming Events:  Francesco Cipollone – Director of Events 

14:40 Break

14:50 Election and Voting:  Paul Simmonds (CSA UK)/Candidate Statements 

15:00 Cloud Transformation Challenges Cloud ConformityXabi Errotabehere 

15:30 "Cloud, A Shared Responsibility - The Human Factor, with A Cloud Touch": Dr Magda Lilia Chelly 

16:00 Pentesting in the cloud Chani Simms: Metadefence Lab 

16:10 Break 

16:40 Serverless Security in AWS: Dave Walker - AWS 

17:10 Supply Chain: Chris Hodson CISO Tanium 

17.40 Close: CSA UK Chair 

18:10 Drinks and Networking Sponsored by Cloud Conformity 

CSA UK Chapter AGM 2019 - Welcome - Michael W. Scahil