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Zero Trust Round-Table - 19 July 2021

Lee Newcombe, CSA UK research director, chaired a round-table on the timely topic of Zero trust, with the detailed topics to address:

  • Is there a common view of what Zero Trust means?

  • Is Zero Trust just for human actors? What should be the scope?

  • Zero Trust and technology

    • Pre-packaged solutions or years of pain?

    • (Why not both?)

    • Retro-fit into legacy or greenfield only?

    • What has worked for you?

  • Implications of Zero Trust for wider security approaches

    • Observability and Security Monitoring

    • Identity Governance

    • Data Loss Prevention

    • Etc

  • Conclusion: Is Zero Trust a force for good, necessary, nice to have or simply (and only) a buzzword?

2021 – Gazing into the Abyss (or, Predictions for a New Year)

Gazing into the Abyss 2020-12

The UK Chapter of the Cloud Security Alliance gathered together experts from a variety of roles and sectors to discuss what they saw as the main trends, issues and influencing factors likely to impact upon the usage of cloud computing services in the UK in 2021. The participants were drawn from end user organisations, security vendors, systems integrators, independent contractors and both public and private sectors. The expertise of the participants spans architecture, DevSecOps, data protection, identity and policy (organizational, national and international). We believe the views documented in this report to be well-informed and of value to a wide range of readers.

Chair & Report author: Lee Newcombe