The Identity Series

A series of six lunchtime talks on identity as it relates to both Cloud and Zero Trust, over six consecutive Tuesday's.

Commencing on Tuesday 12th September 2023 at 12.30pm

Watch the entire series, or catch-up, here; as a playlist on YouTube

2. Understanding Identity - Part 2 - Context & Trust  

Identification of a user (or entity) drives context and trust, but how do we better use our new found understanding of Identity to turbocharge the ability to derive context and thus risk?

Note: This is a follow in to Part One (above) - if you missed it live, please watch part one prior to this webinar.


3. Identity Challenges

Identity and being able to leverage sources of identity attributes, particularly those that we do not own / manage, provides a set of unique challenges.
Paul Simmonds finishes up this introduction to what Identity actually is with a webinar on what we have so many problems when it comes to identity and IT.


4. Extending Identity into the Cloud

A look at the methods we use to extend identification and authorisation into a cloud environment to provide a more frictionless experience. 

This includes the typical methods of extending / leveraging existing identity ecosystems into those cloud environments and the advantages / pitfalls of various solutions.

Sean Turner looks at the design patterns, together with their pro's and con's, that we can use when leveraging identity in a cloud environment.

5. Leveraging identity for Zero Trust

Zero Trust promises to deliver a context aware security solution, but where does identity play into this and how can we leverage identity to provide a known level of confidence in the entities interacting with our systems and data. 

Shruti Kulkarni, the CSA workgroup leader for the ZT Identity Stream that have just published "Zero Trust Principles and Guidance for IAM" will present a summary of their findings.
Resources: zero-trust-principles-and-guidance-for-iam/

6. Future challenges and pitfalls with Identity

A panel session featuring the presenters from the first five talks.